Even if many people have a vision, the are actually not able to make them to reality. However Tokyo Internet Protocol makes use of the world's latest information technologies and will provide the most efficient solutions for your needs. 

Your vision makes IT happen.

If someone has spent a lot of money for a building, but it has a construction mistake, he has to rebuild or use it - despite the inconvenience for him.

Since history of architecture is very long, many laws have been established to limit the problems when constructing a building.

However, in the case of computer technology the history is yet too short. A lot of questions still have to be solved. On one hand, many of today's companies' existing internal computer systems don't fit the needs of their users or disregard future developments.

On the other hand, the client's intention itself may have contained a problem from the beginning. Like in architecture, without professional and skilful consulting, intranet and internal system settings may be ineffective, even investing immense amounts of capital.

What kind of system is exactly fitting to my needs?  Tokyo Internet Protocol will provide you with a specialist who has the optimal skills to answer for you this question.

Tokyo Internet Protocol is a Special Web Development Team by n.p.minerva & Co.

Complete IT support for you!

We has been delivering computer and network support in your office or future coming office in Tokyo. We grab your needs and your strengths. We are applying your strategy and our expertise. We are not only providing IT service, we provice solutions for your business in Japan.

  • New Office IT Setup (Network & PC etc.)
  • On-Site Maintenance (Network & PC etc.)
  • Producing New Website and/or Maintenance
  • Marketing / PR
  • Managing personnel
  • Managing office in Japan (Japanese blanch)